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Monday, June 30, 2014

Must haves for your Pool/Beach bag!

UPDATED MUST haves for Summer!
 Below is my personal on the go summer pool/beach Kit!

SPF All over body Sun Protecting: 
You don't want an ugly burn that can lead to peeling/itching, sunspots, wrinkly/saggy skin, or worse caner! Don't worry contrary to popular belief you can still get a great tan using SPF just skip the tacky Burn and other harming effects! TRY Mary Kay® Sun Care Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30* or 50* is a lightweight, oil-free sunscreen for face or body. bonus! Enriched with antioxidant vitamins and free-radical scavengers, it absorbs quickly, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SUNSCREEN

Waterproof Mascara: Think you look washed out unless you have some mascara on like me? Prevent the raccoon eye look by being sure to use Waterproof Mascara for any beach or pool events!

  Tinted moisturizer with SPF: Want to block harmful rays from damaging skin, and want to even out your skin tone at the same time? try a tented moisturizer that does just that before hitting the beach! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT Mary Kay CC Cream TINTED MOISTURIZER

Hair ties are a must! Just make sure they are thick and soft! the thinner the hair tie, the more it will saw at your hair and cause breakage!
Great idea, invest in a carabiner to keep a few together as backup.
Cream eye shadows: don't want to look all made up, but just a little more than blah? Try a great cream shadow that's only a few shads lighter or darker then you skin to have that pretty but not Like your trying to hard look.

Get some Shades and maybe even a hat: Not only do they look cute but Sunglasses and even better topped with a hat can protect your eyes and face from harmful UV rays. as well as preventing wrinkles by protecting sensitive skin around the eyes. Also reduce headaches and eyestrain!

Lip Balm with SPF: Lips need just as much sun protection as the rest of you body! Prevent Ugly chapped lips keep lips protected and guarded from the drying effects of sun and wind with a Lip Balm with SPF!


Hair Care: Before you get you locks wet in the pool. Pre wet your hair in non chlorine water and put in light leave in conditioner to help block chlorine penetration and add hydration at the same time!

                             Spray bottle: I love to bring a small spray bottle to fill with water just to sprits and cool off with. they come in all different sizes. some even come with fans attached ;) A travel brush: I highly recommend the fold up brushTravel speakers: I have this cute little speaker that fits a average size phone in it so to be able to relax in under the sun while listening to my fave jams 
A towel and Beach bag: I suggest 1-2 towels (one to use as a pillow) and a large bag to fit everything in. I also suggest another smaller on to gather smaller items together. You can find quality bags and towels at places like Ross, TJMax, Marshall's for awesome deals

...Other suggestions to do...

Find a thermal lined bag to hold things like a cell phone, camera or other non heat friendly items


 Use a Koozie / coozie to keep your drink cold or protect your cellphone from the heat!

After-Sun Replenishing Gel
Too much fun under the sun? Alway have on hand this is Amazing after sun care! This quick-absorbing gel replenishes moisture to sun-kissed skin with soothing botanical extracts rich in antioxidants to quickly heal accidental burns. Bonus keep extra one in th fridge for extra cooling sensation!

Clean out an old lotion bottle and depending on its size, hide your phone, money, and keys in it for your beach bag. Great idea! 


What are your MUST haves for summer???
Find most all these items and more at

  BONUS Tip!

To much chlorine or salt water? Here is a Awesome Hair Repair Trick!            

Coconut oil!

This brands from Trader Joe's~
1. scoop coconut oil into hands and rub around till quickly melts a little at a time and apply all over your hair and scalp.
2. Place a plastic bag or towel over your hair, secure by tying or with a hair clip or clothespin, and allow the oil to remain for 15 to 30 min * you can even sleep over night with it in!
3. Rinse well, with warm (not hot) water. then shampoo(
may have to shampoo twice) & condition as usual!

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