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Monday, May 21, 2012

How to un clutter & Organize your Closet

Are you like me?
You don't necessarily have a hard time tossing things out but have a hard time figuring out and recognizing what could/should go?
Well take the
Clean out your Closet
-Such a smart idea- Challenge!
Every Jan (or whatever month you are ready to start) turn all hangers backwards. And its simple, Each time you wear an item, hang it back in the normal fashion.
After 6m to a year, any item that is still hanging backwards means it has not been worn, consider donating!
I will update in about 6 month where im at.
So stay tuned and check back around November 2012!
Take the challenge with me!!

Also checkout a couple other
simple ways i organize my closet!

With just one simple item i got at the dollar store Check out how i  organized my shoes ;)

 and here is how i keep my boots up to keep in
better condition and organize neater
with just a couple simple steps

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