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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beauty Tips & Tricks

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 Does your skin seem more oily then others? MOISTURIZE!
Drying out your skin will actually cause it to produce more oil. The skin naturally tries to correct itself, therefore if it feels dry it will try to balance the situation by producing more oil, continuing the vicious cycle!

Adjust where you hold the brush. The closer you get to the bristles, the more pressure and pigment you apply onto the skin. the further back you hold the brush the lest amount of pressure you will apply. Helps for blending

For Yellow Nails
If you get yellow nails after months of wearing dark polish, try scrubbing your toenails with a nail brush and whitening toothpaste. It gets rid of the yellow color. Try it and you will end up with minty fresh toes

Apply perfume directly to the skin. The "pulse points" are locations on the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. These spots emanate heat, which can help fragrance to emanate from your skin into the air.. The inner wrists, the base of the throat, behind ear lobes, in the cleavage, behind knees, and the inner elbows. Don’t rub your wrists together so as not to break the perfume’s molecular structure.

Prevent blisters and stinky feet with antiperspirant. Sweaty feet cause blisters because of the combination of moisture and friction, especially if your shoes are too big, tight or wide. Using antiperspirant creates a barrier between your feet and socks or shoes to decrease friction and prevents sweat glands from producing moisture. How to use it: Roll or spray antiperspirant on your soles and between your toes. Also, wear socks made of fabrics that wick sweat away from the skin – microfiber works well – and make sure your shoes fit properly

DONT Zap zits with toothpaste!
Toothpaste is drying because of its alcohol and fluoride, so it may seem to help clear up a pesky pimple.
But “fluoride can actually cause more breakouts and acne, and today’s toothpastes are stronger and have so many added ingredients – like bleaching and whitening agents, which can burn skin,” says Francesca Fusco, M.D., assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.


Clear Your Chin Complexion
If you've got a recurring breakout on your chin, the harsh hydrogen peroxide in whitening toothpaste could be the culprit causing irritation. Switch to regular toothpaste pronto and see if things clear up


A great mascara is important, but you can take extra care of your lash as prep. Apply Lubricants for eyelash growth. Eyelashes get dry at times. Try lubricants such as olive oil, Vaseline or vitamin E which is widely known to stimulate growth of hair. Keep eyelashes moist at night when you sleep and as a result could enhance growth.

 Try this next time you are applying your mascara or even your shadow

 Under your eyes, use your ring finger, go from the end of your eyebrow toward your nose or you'll encourage wrinkles.
Dab on moisturizer instead of rubbing it in under the eyes.
♥ When moisturizing your neck, rub up instead of down to not cause sagging



Wearing rubber gloves to wash dishes will keep your hands from drying out. Do double duty by putting lotion on your hands before putting on the gloves and let the hot water "cook" that lotion deep into your skin


 Cold weather can = dry and Itchy skin! so keep your skin supple and hydrated with awesome products from MaryKay and lots of H2O!


Avoid using towel wash cloths to remove your makeup. your better of washing and rinsing your face twice. all that rubbing and tugging from the towel can irritate the heck out of your skin and push your makeup into your pores instead of taking it off!

Always allow about two fingers width from your nose to where blush starts for the perfect application. To make your cheek bones appear higher, use bronzer under the cheekbone and highlighter on the actual cheekbone.

For the summer months, you don’t want to be caked down in foundation so try a tinted moisturizer instead.

If you don’t have nail polish remover, apply clear nail polish over and then wipe off. It will remove old polish.

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A top beauty concern amongst men and women alike is dark under eye circles. These dastardly cosmetic imperfections are aging and generally disliked by all.  Dark under eye circles, generally, are not an indication of exhaustion or serious illness (likely to be indicated by cachexia or swelling).  Though not serious, dark under eye circles can make us look older, tired and less than stellar.

The causes of dark circles are a combination of factors.  Here are the most common explanations;
- Heredity: That’s right, something you technically have no control over. Take a look at your parents and even your grandparents. Not to say it cant be helped just might take a little extra love and attention to fight back.
Allergies - Constantly rubbing and touching the eye area:  congested sinuses affect circulation and affect drainage in the eye area. Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies or food allergies, rubbing your eyes, puts a lot of pressure on the tender skin underneath the eyes. Continuous rubbing may make the dark circle area of your eye thinner, allowing the blue blood to show, again causing those dark circles under eyes.
Stress, smoking, lack of exercise, and drugs/alcohol:
Lack of sleep: This is probably the #1 cause people think of when you say anything about dark circles under eyes. Lack of sleep will gives you a tired, pale complexion. The paler your skin (caused by getting very little sleep over long periods of time), the more your veins will show the blood flowing under your eyes and this in turn tells the world you don’t get enough sleep!
Sun exposure: You’ve heard it all your life ”Stay out of the sun”. And now you find out the sun may even be the reason for your dark circles under eyes. Yes, the sun causes the skin to darken (tan) and it also causes it to wrinkle. Together, this winning combination will give you those pesky dark circles under your eyes
Thinning skin, loss of fat and collagen breakdown which occur with age, Broken blood vessels and thin skin:
As the skin thins through exposure to the sun and other weather related conditions (wind, dryness, etc..) and the natural aging process, the veins beneath your eyes start to appear. These will appear as blue half circles underneath your eyes. Should the capillaries start to bleed under your eyes the skin takes on the color of the oxidized blood, dark blue and red, which will mix to give your dark circles that lovely, almost black, color. The idea that you ran into a bird on the way to get the mail stops being believable when it’s both eyes
Not removing eye makeup properly: Like Allergies causing you to be tough around your eyes, same with how you go about removing your eye makeup, if your proses is harsh you could be doing more harm then good in the long run.
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To treat under eye causes;

-Reach for over the counter remedies for allergies and hay fever:
Most allergy medications can help to alleviate the itch that is causing the constant rubbing of the eyes

-Massage the area gently with treatment at night:
=TimeWise® Targeted-Action® Eye Revitalizer 
Diminish dark circles. Depuff under eyes. After just two weeks, 7 out of 10 women said their dark circles and undereye puffiness were less noticeable. 
Imagine a product so powerful it can reduce the appearance of both dark circles and under eye puffiness in just two weeks. Now you can get these real results with TimeWise® Targeted-Action® Eye Revitalizer. This power-packed serum contains an exclusive blend of ingredients specifically formulated to address the multiple causes of dark circles and under eye puffiness. Within seconds of applying it, you'll feel a cooling sensation as the product begins to work. The end result? Your eyes look rested. Refreshed. Revitalized

-Wear a SPF moisturizer:
=Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Formulated to help protect against future damage and to help existing damage be less noticeable.
Restores skin’s youthful cushion.
Formulated to help minimize skin reaction to external irritants, Skin tone appears more even, Helps protect against skin-aging UVA/UVB damage, Increases skin moisture for 12 hours

=TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Help reduce the visible signs of aging with TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30*. It helps protect your face from UVA and UVB rays and this luxurious, oil-free lotion absorbs quickly for supple skin. It's shown to hydrate for up to 10 hours, contains our patented TimeWise® complex and helps even out skin tone, firm and soften as it reduces the appearance of fine lines

=TimeWise® Day Solution Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Think of it as a veil of defense. With an SPF of 35, this innovative product helps prevent sun damage such as lines and discoloration before they occur by blocking damaging UVA/UVB rays. A calming peptide helps relax expression line

Conceal with a creamy crease-less concealer to correct the color:
The easiest way to get rid of those dark circles under the eyes is to use i highlighter pen and or concealer one shade lighter than you would to conceal blemishes. Always use very light dabs with your fingertip, concealer brush or a sponge to apply the concealer under your eyes on top of the dark circles. This area is a very tender area so treat it with kindness. Apply your foundation over the dark circle area and blend. Then finish with powder. 
Mary Kay® Facial Highlighting Pen The special light-reflecting pigments in the Mary Kay® Facial Highlighting Pen optically “lift” the shadowy areas of your face. Instantly your skin looks brighter, your tone more even and your face more radiant. This easy-to-use, supersheer formula can be reapplied throughout the day to keep you looking refreshed and natural. And it’s available in four shades, for all skin tones.

 -Remove makeup with care:

Removing makeup every day is a tricky process as you don’t want to pull or tug the delicate skin around the eyes. Also you want to cause your skin to dry out by using a harsh cleanser and/or makeup remover. It is important for the health of your skin to remove any makeup before going to bed each night.

Click HERE for Tips on  removing Eye Makeup!

-RELAX with home remedies:
Dark eye circles can be somewhat minimized with home remedies. plus it gives you the chance and excuses to CHILL! These remedies and always more effective when combined with products for dark circles.
Cucumbers for Dark Eye Circles 
This may sound too cliche to be true, but slices of cucumbers applied to the skin around the eyes can help reduce the appearance of dark circles. Cucumber slices help to lighten the skin and also have a soothing, refreshingly cool sensation when applied.
Lay down with the cucumber slices on your eyes for at least 5 minutes, up to 10 minutes. 

  Tea for Two
For some reason, dark eye circles can't abide an old tea bag. Take a used tea bag (black, green or white), after it has cooled, and apply it to the skin under your eyes. Lay down while you do this - otherwise, it's hard to get the tea bag to stick.
Leave in place for about 10 minutes. Make sure the tea bag is somewhat dry because if it's too moist, irritating tea can get into your eyes, which can make you look like you've been crying.  
Herbal tea bags aren't recommended, except for chamomile. Chamomile tea bags can help reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes because of its anti-inflammatory properties

The cold washcloth
When washing your eyes after using any of these remedies for dark eye circles, use a washcloth soaked in cold water. Cold water helps to constrict the blood vessels under the eyes and can also reduce puffiness
Indulge® Soothing Eye Gel Revive a tired-looking appearance with this cooling, soothing gel. Contains botanicals reported to tone, firm and reduce the appearance of puffiness in the eye area. Can be used as a mask or a leave-on product 
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Monday, May 21, 2012

How to un clutter & Organize your Closet

Are you like me?
You don't necessarily have a hard time tossing things out but have a hard time figuring out and recognizing what could/should go?
Well take the
Clean out your Closet
-Such a smart idea- Challenge!
Every Jan (or whatever month you are ready to start) turn all hangers backwards. And its simple, Each time you wear an item, hang it back in the normal fashion.
After 6m to a year, any item that is still hanging backwards means it has not been worn, consider donating!
I will update in about 6 month where im at.
So stay tuned and check back around November 2012!
Take the challenge with me!!

Also checkout a couple other
simple ways i organize my closet!

With just one simple item i got at the dollar store Check out how i  organized my shoes ;)

 and here is how i keep my boots up to keep in
better condition and organize neater
with just a couple simple steps

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Get The Look Pretty in Pink

Totally need a bang trim! Sorry should have pinned them back Oops!

GTL with the MK i used:

::Mary Kay® Foundation Primer

::Mary Kay® Mineral Powder Foundation
-Beige 2

::Mary Kay® Concealer

::Mary Kay® Mineral Bronzing Powder
-Bronze Diva (Beige/Bronze – Matte)

::Mary Kay® Cream Eye Color
-Beach Blonde
Pale Blush

::Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color:
Precious Pink

::Mary Kay® Eyeliner
-Black on top & lower INNER  lash line

::Mary Kay® Liquid Eyeliner
-Black on top lash line only

::Mary Kay® Lash Love™ Mascara

::Mary Kay® Brow Gel

::Forgot to put on the Lip gloss ;P

-TOOLS-::Mary Kay® Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush

::Mary Kay® Powder Brush – Use to apply loose or pressed powder to help “set” foundation and tone down shine.

::Mary Kay® Cheek Brush – Use to apply and blend cheek color, including bronzing and highlighting powder.

::Mary Kay® Eye Definer Brush – Use to apply and blend pressed eye color evenly.

::Mary Kay® Eye Crease Brush – Use to apply eye color in a targeted area and accentuate the crease

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All about SUN CARE!

First off whats the difference between

Sunscreen & Sunblock?

Sunscreen combines organic and inorganic chemicals to filter the light from the sun so that less of it reaches the deeper layers of your skin. Like a screen door, some light penetrates, but not as much as if the door wasn't present.

Sunblock, reflects or scatters the light away so that it doesn't reach the skin at all. The reflective particles in sunblocks usually consist of zinc oxide or titanium oxide. In the past, you could tell who was using a sunblock just by looking, because the sunblock whited out the skin. Not all modern sunblocks are visible because the oxide particles are smaller, though you can still find the traditional white zinc oxide. Sunscreens usually include sunblocks as part of their active ingredients. 

What Sunscreens Screen
The portion of the sunlight that is filtered or blocked is ultraviolet radiation. There are three regions of ultraviolet light.
UV-A penetrates deeply into the skin and can lead to cancer and premature skin aging.
UV-B is involved in tanning and burning of your skin.
UV-C is completely absorbed by the earth's atmosphere. The organic molecules in sunscreen absorb the ultraviolet radiation and release it as heat.
PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) absorbs UVB
Cinnamates absorb UVB
Benzophenones absorb UVA
Anthranilates absorb UVA and UVB
Ecamsules absorb UVA

What SPF Means and how it works:
SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It's a number that you can use to help determine how long you can stay in the sun before getting a sunburn. Since sunburns are caused by UV-B radiation, SPF does not indicate protection from UV-A, which can cause cancer and premature aging of the skin.
Your skin has a natural SPF, partially determined by how much melanin you have, or how darkly pigmented your skin is.

The SPF is a multiplication factor: If you can stay out in the sun 15 minutes before burning, using a sunscreen with an SPF of 10 would allow you to resist the burn for 10x longer or 150 minutes.

Although the SPF only applies to UV-B, the labels of most products indicate if they offer broad spectrum protection, which is some indication of whether or not they work against UV-A radiation. The particles in sunblock reflect both UV-A and UV-B. 

 Why wear Sunblock & Sunscreen

 Not Cute!
Click pics for more on pre mature aging
Nasty peeling skin
wrinkles and pre mature aging
SKIN CANCER That can KILL you!