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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Prevent your face from reflecting too much light in photos

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 Did you know
SPF in your foundation could cause
your face to become whiter in your pictures?
The reason why foundations with SPF can give off a white caste to the skin in pictures is most likely because many foundations use SPF.  Ingredients, such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, that stay on the surface of the skin blocking and reflect UV rays from penetrating the skin (i.e. Sunblock), versus a chemical sunscreen which absorbs into the skin ( note: physical sunblocks such as titanium dioxide are often well suited for those with sensitive skin because it stays on the surface and is not a foreign substance that enters the skin
Therefore, when the light from a camera flash meets with the foundation one wears on the face, more light than usual is reflected back into the camera, sometimes resulting in a white appearance.
So since foundations often rely on this physical barrier, yes the level of SPF will affect how much of a white caste the foundation could give your skin. 
Foundation with an SPF of 45 is probably going to give a whiter face in pictures than a foundation with an SPF of 15.
Keep in mind that this white caste will only happen with flash photography.

FUN FACT: most foundations automatically have an SPF of at least 6-8 because of the pigments of the foundation, which act like a physical sun barrier.
Pretty girl! but much to light compared to her body!
Other reasons your Face color it pulling to bite 

even without picture flash ;)
  • Foundations that say reflecting will probably do just that Its purpose is usually to cause a reflective illusion to cover and lesson the look of wrinkles.
  • You haven't updated your foundation for the new season as your skin is naturally getting darker or lighter
  • You tried on or had the makeup lady put your color on indoors and didn't check outside in the natural light (Be sure to always test color on jaw, neck and sometimes even chest. Often our body /chest color will be a couple shades lighter or darker then your face especially in the middle of summer or winter. sometime you have to compensate for that by getting a little darker or lighter foundation.)
  • you Attempt that Kim Kardashian look by over adding that highlight powder. Always start with less. Practice makes perfect. 

For more on How to contour your face CLICK HERE

Here are a  couple great MK products to try out that perfectly contoured look ;)
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The special light-reflecting pigments in the Mary Kay® Facial Highlighting Pen optically “lift” the shadowy areas of your face. Instantly your skin looks brighter, your tone more even and your face more radiant. This easy-to-use, super sheer formula can be reapplied throughout the day to keep you looking refreshed and natural. And it’s available in four shades, for all skin tones. 

Mary Kay® Mineral Bronzing PowderCreate a glowing, sun-kissed complexion. Mineral-based formulas are famous for their oil-absorbing properties, ease of application, excellent coverage and adhesion to skin. Plus, they look gorgeous on every skin tone. Shimmer shades add natural highlights to the complexion, while matte shades add warmth.
Application Tips:
Swirl bronzer shades together and tap off excess product. Apply where the sun would naturally shine: cheeks, nose, shoulders and décolleté.

Highlight Application Tips: Tap off excess product. Apply Mineral Highlighting Powder to areas of the face you want to highlight, such as the tops of cheekbones, the brow bone and above the center of the upper lip. Mineral Highlighting Powder also can be used to create a gorgeous eye look.

For more on How to contour your face CLICK HERE!

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