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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Built my own makeup box with drawers!

So i LOVE my Caboodles and other makeup case i have used for years now to hold all my makeup, but for the last few months i have been wanting something a little more matching looking for my bathroom counter. somthing a little more clean and chic yet still functional.
There has been this one box i have had my eye on that's actually a jewelry box but would be great for my makeup. Only problem it was out of my price range and just a little too big. so mentioning to my boyfriend for a while now after a few months of research ended in failure we decided why not make it ourselves?

Here is a slight example of the process of our build
and the finished product

My finished product & now able to hold more <3
Here is the one i had my eye on but was about $60+  and plus shipping
Here are some other ways to organize your makeup
it you aren't able to build your own like i did
Or Click Here

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