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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Makeup Junkie? Get Organized!

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One of the first steps is knowing what you have!
Cosmetic organization, will help your free time and you will save money by not duplicating items you already own. So, do not procrastinate! Start organizing your cosmetics today!

Like Wifezillahekela, she gathered together all she had and separated into similar groups. Makes it easier to see what you have and what you need and don't need.


Next photos are really cute vanity ideas. 

Add a pretty mirror to a desk and ask and turn it into a easy Vanity

 The next couple are more unique and  creative storage ideas

Typically used on tool work station a nail/screw/nut/bolt organizers at the hardware store makes a great idea for makeup storage! you could even spray paint it or somthing to make it go with your decor.
Makeup Organizer - old version
Fishing tackle box or cosmetics case? Works great either way!
Travel Roll-Up Bag (unfilled)

A perfect complement to all your Mary Kay® products and an all-in-one must-have organizer for your cosmetics, skin care products and accessories. This stylish bag features a black nylon exterior, pink interior and black swivel hook for easy hanging. Clear, plastic zippered compartments keep beauty supplies organized whether you’re on the road or at home.

made for organizing papers into Beauty organizer

 I turn finished candles from Bath & Body Work /Yankee Candles and turn them into storage for QTips/cotton balls. they come with lids too so helps protect from dust and other stuff.

Lori Greiner Luxury Deluxe Wood Cosmetic Box

 Both can be found on QVC

Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer by Lori Greiner

 Tip: Use Glass Jars for your lip/eye liners

but avoid using for makeup brushes!

Click HERE to find  out why!



Yes i admit it i have a slight addiction ;) but hey i know there are people out there that have it worse then me! (that's what i tell myself to make myself feel less guilty of course) and though this shot makes my collection look a bit out of control, i promise it is much more organized on my day to day = ) kind of funny too because 80% of the time you ever run into me i will probably bare faced and a ponytail! due to my line of work. but when i do have somewhere to doll up for i enjoy every min of it <3 
i kinda wish i had taken a pic before i purged a bunch. its amazing how hard it is to let go of products!
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and as you can see, yes i LOVE my Mary Kay! but no im not a MK only snob ;) 
Love to see how you keep yours together and organized.
Not just a collected mess like my photo above Hehehe...

 Ask yourself these 5 questions to find out if your love for makeup has bled into being a self-confessed makeup junkie:
1. How many facial products do you have on your bathroom shelf – more than 10?
2. Are 50% of your products unused and some still even boxed?
3. Do you have to buy a new item every time you walk into the makeup isle?
4. Do you have to have a full face of makeup before leaving the house?
5. Do you have a hidden stash off makeup?

If the answer is “yes” to most of the above,
then consider yourself a makeup junkie!


  1. caboodles!! I HEART!! Love the collection!!

    1. I seriously cant let them go! i see all the new fancy ones these day but my vintage caboodles get it done! ;)

  2. I have make up covering my vanity, my hutch, bathroom counter, mini "dresser" full of shadow pallets. I think I spent more on MAC and Mary Kay than I did on my car lol. And I still don't have everything that I need :( Hi, my name is Melissa, and I'm addicted to make up lol