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Saturday, March 10, 2012

How to care for makeup brushes

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You know you shouldn't keep mascara for more than three months But have you considered your makeup brushes? Good-quality brushes can last for years, it can be awful for your complexion if you don't wash them regularly and allow that accumulated dirt and bacteria to go right back on your skin every time you apply powder! Your brushes are the reason your makeup goes on flawless, you cannot achieve that with dirty brushes ;)

How Often Brushes should be cleaned
  • 1-2 times a month for brushes you use for your powders: eyeshadow, blush, mineral foundation etc.
  •  Every week should be on the brushes that you use liquid makeup: concealer, foundation, liquid eyeliner, liquid shadow, etc
Not only in your brushes are makeup particles it also has dead skin and oils from your face as well!

Problem Skin: Daily
If you deal with acne, have rosacea or very sensitive skin, you may consider washing your makeup brushes min once a week.
What to use 

There are special makeup brush cleansers available to clean your makeup brushes. Essentially, most are the same as any gentle cleanser. some people even find using shampoo like baby shampoo works good. (Avoid Volumizing Shampoo its to drying ) whatever you choose, make sure it doesn't leave any soapy residue on your brushes after the final rinse.

How to WASH and DRY you Brushes 
-Simply hold brush under warm running (NOT HOT) water
-Then poor a quarter amount into one palm of your hand, swirling brush around in it, but not pushing too hard you damage the bristles
-Rinse clean and then allow to air dry.
You may have to repeat the proses a couple times depending on how dirty your brushes are. you will be able to tell once the water rinses clear.

 If your skin seems to react to any particular product stop use and try something new.

Here are my Brushes and how i dry mine!

When drying, Never stand the brushes up! lay them so the bristles are flat or if you can to hang bristles down. Standing your brushes right-side up is bad, bad, bad! In fact, What happens is that any residual water in the bristles trickles down into the ferrule, that metal part at the base of the bristles. And as water sits in the ferrule, it loosens the glue that holds bristles in place. Which leads to shedding and also molding! Even the most well-made brush will fall apart~

I used a hanger and mini snag free hair rubber bands

  • Good-quality brushes can endure a lot of washing and using. BUT All good things do come to an end eventually, so when you notice the bristles getting fuzzy, breaking off, or refusing to lay flat, it's time to replace the brush.
  • Avoid storing your brushes as the trendy display in a jar look. I agree it looks really cute, but what happens to ALL stuff while chilling in one spot, Dust! and not somthing you need to mix and then contaminate your makeup and skin!
  • also Store makeup brushes out of direct sunlight (along with any beauty products!). Don't set them on the ledge in the bathroom if it's next to a window. Natural and synthetic fibers wear down over time when exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid heat as well. If your brushes have any leftover product on them, heat may cause them to cake up

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Mary Kay® Brush Collection
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The Beauty of make up is it allows anyone to be an artist! With clean skin as our canvas, some brushes and any amount of color choices you like, we can change our looks however we choose. There is no limits that can be achieved with the use of makeup but whats important is how we use to create these looks is a great set of Quality makeup brushes! and of course the super cute travel case it comes with that can also fit lots of your fave MK makeup is a nice bonus ;)


Mary Kay® Cream
Eye Color/Concealer Brush

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Each brush is designated to a certain area of your face
First here are some general descriptive words used to describe brush characteristics:
-brush head shape;  square, dome, tapered, angled, slant etc
-brush head size; fine (extra small), small, medium, large, extra large
-bristles; natural hair -sable, squirrel, goat vs.  synthetic- nylon, taklon
-bristles; texture-fine, soft, coarse
-bristles; firm, stiff, dense etc.
-handle length; long, short, 'travel size'

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