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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hot Colors for SPRING 2012

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 Hot Colors for SpRiNg 2012
Keep those lips popp'n  

with Coral, Peach, & Tangerine along with some shine and you will dig how well they create the fuller lip look.
when applying to watch out for bleeding prep lips first with a matching pencil.  If your skin has cool undertones, go for blue reds; warmer skin tones can try orangey hues. And if you want to go for outright orange, stick to one that has a hint of red ~ a true orange requires a little confidence to pull off ;)

Check out Mary Kay® NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss &Creme Lipstick
 Mango Tango - Beach Bronze - Au Naturel
Sunny Citrous - Amber suede -  Apricot Glaze

Bat those beautiful eye-Shadows
Purples, Yellow, Orangey brown, or lime green... Get the cool & exotic looks of spring.
With your purples, Choose a powder version with a satin finish and spread it over your lids so the color is truly opaque. Add a thin line of black pencil along top and bottom lashes and brush on several coats of mascara. Because this shade has pink undertones, cover up any under eye circles with a good concealer or light-reflecting pen so they aren't enhanced.

For yellow and green  First, pick a shade—, it's up to you. Just make sure it has a satin finish, trying to avoid shimmer; it'll give these hues a juvenile vibe. The second step is to apply—softly. Wearing your citrus shade as a wash over your lids is the most feminine approach. Take a big, fluffy shadow brush and sweep it from the lashes to the crease, then follow with natural-colored blush and a sheer lipstick that's close to the color of your lips.

with the Orangey Brown A.K.A Terra-Cotta this is not the dusty terra-cotta like a planting pot, but shimmery, orangey brown shade that looks good on anyone. Brush it on your lids and up over the crease, tracing along the inner lash lines with black pencil and finishing with mascara. Or, dust it just on your lids and add black shadow to the outer corners for a mellow smoky-eye look. And don't forget bronzer—if you don't warm up your skin, the terra-cotta eyes will make you look washed-out! 

Check out Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Colors in:

Iris -       Lavender For - Sweet Plum

Emerald - Ivy Garden - Lemmongrass
Espresso <for shadowing)  - Amber Blaze - Copper Glow - Honey Spice - Moonstone

Kissed by the sun cheeks
Coral is huge this season, which is good news: It gives your cheeks and lips a healthy, one-step-above-natural flush.
If your are prone to flushing flushing, the more you need to avoid corals that are too pink; if you have yellow undertones, go for more pink and less orange. When it comes to blush, cream formulas are usually more natural-looking (but powder is okay as long as it's transparent), and your lipstick should also be on the sheer side.

Check out Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Colors & Mineral Bronzing Powder:

 Sunny Spice - Shy Blush - Sparkling cider - Citrus Bloom
Bronze Diva (Beige/Bronze :Matte) - Sandstone (Ivory/Beige :Matte)


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