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Monday, February 27, 2012

Mary Kay vs MAC shadows

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The people want to know, Can Mary Kay compare to the Ever so popular MAC Shadows? I say yes but as always i think people should ultimately decide for themselves. Yes i sell Mary Kay but doesn't mean its the ONLY thing i ever use! Mary Kay Shadows have Limits in color choices sometimes. I own and Use MAC shadows too, But for me whether its makeup or whatever, if i can find the same thing at equal Quality and a cheaper price, That's what im gana go for! ;) So just take a look and decide for yourself

Below are some swatch's. All pics taken without flash next to a window. 

All the rectangular pans are Mary Kay, all circular pans & pots are MAC .

MK Amber Glaze vs MAC Amber Lights

MAC All That Glitters (L) MAC Naked Lunch (R) vs MK Honey Spice

MK Midnight Star vs MAC Deep Truth

MAC Rice Paper vs MK Moonstone vs MAC Shroom

MAC Satin Taupe vs MK Granite vs MAC Smoke & Diamonds (limited edition)

MK Sweet Plum vs MAC Sketch

MAC Wedge vs MK Hazelnut with MAC Kid (now dc'd) and MAC Rich Flesh (limited edition)
Price Comparison for Shadow storage
(Prices in US dollars pulled from both websites as of the date of this post):

Mary Kay mineral eyeshadow pan
  - $6.50

Mary Kay compacts:
- Compact Mini -$16
Holds 6 Shadows/Blush  + room for mini applicators 
- Compact Regular -$18
Holds 6 Shadows/Blush  +1 lipstick/lipgloss,+ room for mini applicators

- Compact Pro -$35
Holds 18 Shadows/Blush  +1 lipstick/lipgloss, +2 lip/eye liner, + room for mini applicators 

MAC eyeshadow pan - $11.50


MAC eyeshadow pot - $15


MAC eyeshadow palettes:

2 - Palette, $7
 Holds 2 Shadows
4 - palette, $7
 Holds 4 Shadows


15- Palette, $16
Holds 15 Shadows


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