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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mary Kay Creme Eye Colors

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These are sheer colored eyeshadow primers that boost color and finish of eyeshadows layered on top of them.  They also work well as standalone eyeshadows.
  • Beach Blonde is a shimmery champagne.
  • Pale Blush is a matte pale cool pink.
  • Apricot Twist is a shimmery orange gold.
  • Iced Cocoa is a shimmery copper bronze.
  • Glacier Gray is a shimmery pewter.
Swatches of Beach Blonde, Pale Blush, Apricot Twist, Iced Cocoa, Glacier Gray

Similar to MAC Paint Pots.  They apply evenly as a cream, and dry down to a silky smooth finish of a powder.  They are quite sheer, but as shown in the swatches above, they can get pretty opaque after a couple layers.  The Creme Colors are housed in light, tightly sealed plastic pots, which make them really easy to travel with.  I’ve really been enjoying these a lot, and they’ve become a staple in my makeup bag for sure.  I just wish they’d come up with more colors! ;)

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