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Friday, June 3, 2011

Start pampering your hands today!!

Did you know one of the first signs of aging is by our hands?

One of the negative results of nature’s temperature changes that we do not welcome with each new season are chapped hands. Changes in the climate can take our normal, healthy looking hands and transform them into a tired, aching, sore and unattractive. Lucky for us this is a small side step of Mother Nature & her elements and it is completely treatable.
The surface of our skin holds a certain about of water. If there is a decrease in the amount of water content in our skin, we can experience dry, itchy and uncomfortable skin.  Sometimes this can display itself in patches or subsequently affect the whole area of the hands. This can make one become self conscious of our appearance and our contact with others. When you have chapped hands you can fear the smallest things. For some they are embarrassed by the appearance of their hands or sometimes also pain. Pain that can accompany chapped hands is intensified by the presence of usualy cold and or dry air, making you highly sensitive to touch. 
Most of us would never allow our hands to reach severe degrees because we are so aware and attentive to one of our most used body parts. However, we can unknowingly expose ourselves to the possibilities with very menial and routine tasks and need extra TLC.
For others, the root cause is not as obvious as hand washing. It can be a genetic predisposition to dry skin. Eczema and other skin disorders can show themselves through dry, chapped skin on the hands. An allergic reaction to certain products or elements can also disguise itself as chapped skin. 

Dry skin causers:
- Taking excessively hot baths/showers is one of the leading causes of chapped skin. Any long term exposure to cold or heat can affect your skin.
- Sunburn and windburn are two factors we all have more than likely been a victim of at some point in our lives.
- Winter’s low humidity that brings with it dry air as well as the use of indoor heat will deplete the moisture in our skin.
- One of the most undeniable factors of this condition is AGE. The dreaded three letter word! The older we get the more attention and care we must pay to our Hands.because remember it is one of the first thing people unconsciously notice to determine anothers age.
  In the most severe cases, it can become difficult for you to perform everyday tasks without wearing protective gloves. There are the reoccurring skin conditions such as skin inflammations or outbreaks of eczema which can become conditions requiring professional care due to the fact that bacteria has entered through the cracks of the dry, chapped skin.
Limit the time you spend exposing yourself to either too hot or too cold temperatures as well as the amount and kinds of soap that you are using. Whether you are bathing or simply washing your hands, always be sure to pat the hands dry with a towel and when the skin is lightly damp is the best time to apply any moisturizers. While they cannot cure existing skin conditions such as eczema, moisturizers provide protection and relieve the dry, itchy side effect and help to reduce the tendency of the skin to crack.
The best way to avoid chapped hands is to keep them dry, protected from the elements of nature by wear cotton-lined gloves for wet work and practice frequently applying moisturizers to your skin. If you find yourself still suffering from a severe form of chapped, dry, cracked hands consult a dermatologist. He/She will be able to prescribe you a medicated hand cream to help treat your symptoms for more sever cases.
  I am proud to say that one of the most renowned and highly regarded products presently on the market is the Mary Kay “Satin Hands” pampering set.  This product has won several awards and has been featured in magazines throughout the world as a recommendation from the professionals as one of the best skin care products available. We offer this as a set of three items for $34. This set consists of a hand softener, hand scrub, and a hand cream with 24 hour miniaturization (not offered by many products). 
The hand cream is sold separately and you can apply the it as often as you like. What you will find is that you save money that you would normally spend on other moisturizers by using just one application a day of the “Satin Hands” hand cream. This product is also available in “fragrance free” for those who have sensitive skin. This product is dermatologist approved and will give you the change you are looking for. It is the “rock star” of hand creams.
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Start pampering your hands today!!

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