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Monday, June 13, 2011

Eyelash and Mascara Tips for Healthy Eyes

 In Honor of the New Mascara "Lash Love"
here are some Tips all about Mascara!

Although wearing mascara is completely safe, following mascara tips for healthy eyes in never a bad idea.
One of the dangers of mascara is that bacteria can build up on your mascara brush over time and if these bacteria get into your eyes it can cause a rather nasty eye infection that can cause your eyelashes to fall out, eye injury even blindness.

Many types of mascara contain preservatives that help prevent the growth of bacteria, however as your mascara ages the preservatives can still break down and your mascara is vulnerable to producing dangerous bacteria.
For this reason your mascara should be thrown away after about 3-4 months. Additionally, while the eye normally offers a good barrier against bacterial invasion, a slip of the mascara wand can scratch the cornea and introduce infection.
Here are some safe recommendations for how to use and store your mascara for maintaining your eye's health.

-Never share any makeup with friends, especially eye makeup and mascara.

-If you smell a strange odor coming from the mascara tube, throw it away immediately. Bacteria found on the applicators and in the product can and have lead to severe eye damage, even blindness.

-If you do get an eye infection, throw away your existing tube of mascara; don't risk reinfecting your eyes.

-Never put water or anything else in your mascara it will promote the growth of bacteria. It's not worth losing your vision for especially if you wear contacts.

-If your mascara dries out or clumps, throw it away. Do not attempt to add water, baby oil or any other substance; this is how bacteria can grow.

-Don't pump your mascara brush in and out of the tube, this allows air to get inside and it will dry out faster. In addition, this pumping motion can increase the growth of bacteria.

-Never use saliva to moisten mascara. Your mouth has millions of bacteria that can get into the mascara and eventually will transfer to your eyes.

Additionally, don't assume that hypoallergenic mascara is safest against harmful bacteria. Some tests have shown that hypoallergenic mascara often produced the most bacteria over long periods of time.
The safest way to use mascara is to follow the above recommendations and see a physician at the first signs of any infection.  

  • Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. Or, if you prefer to curl after application, make sure that the mascara is dry.
  • Apply properly, by starting with the wand at the base of your lashes and working out to the tips.
  • Wiggling the wand at the base of the lashes is said to make your lashes look thicker and will help keep the lashes from clumping together
  • Use even, consistent strokes to prevent globs being deposited on your lashes
  • For extra help to prevent clumps use a lash comb also to separate any lashes that are stuck together.
  • Want to try some colored mascara?  Avoid a garish look by applying one coat of black, let dry, and then a coat of color.
  • When applying a second coat, whether of the same color or different, make sure that first coat is dry. (if the first coat isn’t dry, it can cause the lashes to clump together.)
  • Keep eyes open really wide (unnaturally so) for a few moments before blinking.  This will help make sure the mascara is at least partially dry, and can help reduce smudges around your eye.
  • To help reduce under eye smudges, powder the under-eye area before application.
  • If you still get a smudge, let dry then remove carefully with a Q-tip:  Press the Q-tip onto the smudge, then rotate a half-turn. This will remove most smudges quickly and cleanly.
  • If can’t seem to get the hang of smudge-free application, you can put a tissue under your lashes.
  • Replace your mascara after 3-4 months, or sooner if it smells “off” or looks dry.  (take a sharpie or sticker and write the date you opened it right on the tube or cap to know when it’s time to be replaced.)
  • Although you may have a favorite mascara, don’t be afraid to try something new.  A new color or new applicator brush may give you a totally amazing look.

Beauty TIP: A great mascara is important, but you can take extra care of your lash as prep. Apply Lubricants for eyelash growth. Eyelashes get dry at times. Try lubricants such as olive oil, Vaseline or vitamin E which is widely known to stimulate growth of hair. Keep eyelashes moist at night when you sleep and as a result could enhance growth

Do you have a favorite mascara tip?  Please share it with us in the comments

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