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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Apply shadow for your eye shape

Find the best way to apply
shadow for your eye shape

  I have hooded eyes

Quick Tip: If your eyes are on the smaller end of the scale, stick to lighter eyeshadow. If it’s on the larger end, wear deeper shades.  If your eyes are deep set, use lighter shades to prevent making them appear smaller and closing them in. and if you have protruding eyes and you want to minimize them, use darker shadow around them.

Average: Apply contour along lash line, then along crease for a V-shape. Blend the application. Create a wedge at the outer corner using an accent color. Line upper and lower lashes.

Down Turned Set: The focus for this eye shape, is to shade "Up and out". apply liner close to the upper lash line and blend shadow along the socket line in the outer 2/3 of the eyes. curling lashes and applying mascara can also to "left" the eyes.

Wide Set: The emphasis is on the inside half of the eye above the crease. Apply contour shade along lash line from inner corner out, and then back along crease to inner corner. Add an accent color in a small wedge at outer corner, being careful not to extend beyond the edge. Line upper lashes from corner to corner, adding a little lift at the outside. Line lower lashes and gently smudge.

Close Set: The emphasis is on the out half of the eye. Apply contour shade along lash line and in along crease, starting above outer edge of iris, extending beyond outside corner and up. Blend the application. Make a large wedge at outer corner with the accent color. Line upper lashes from inner corner, or past outer corner of eye. Emphasize mascara application on outer lashes.

Deep Set: The key is to lessen the shadows on the inner corner and make the brow bone area look less recessed. Apply more base color at the inner corner of the lid. Apply contour shade out along lash line and in along crease, stopping just above the inner edge of the iris. Add a little more color under lower lashes from inside edge of iris to outer corner. Add accent color lightly along crease, blending well. Line upper lashes from inner corner to just past outer corner, lower lashes from outer corner in to just below the pupil, gently smudging.

Protruding/Prominent Lids: The key is to contour below the crease to draw attention away from how much lid is exposed and to emphasize the upper lash line. Add contour shade over entire eye lid, blending carefully. Apply accent color along lash line from inner corner to slightly past outer corner, then in below crease instead of along it. Line upper lashes from inner corner out, with the line getting thicker at the outer corner. Line lower lashes, then gently smudge upper and lower line application.

Hooded Lids: The key is to use color to make it seem as though more of the lid is showing. Apply contour shade on lid from corner to corner, extending slightly above crease, and under lower lashes, working from outside corner to inner edge of iris. Apply accent color close to lash line above center of pupil and blend outward. Line upper lashes corner to corner, lower lashes from outside corner to inside of iris. (Keep Makeup simple and use more matte colors in medium to dark shades)

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