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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reasons and Solution for your Acne prone skin

If you are one of the millions of women who have acne blemishes, you know that breakouts happen at the most inconvenient moment. Your life does not have time for a breakout, and you certainly don’t have time to try a product that will not work.
Reasons and Solution for your Acne prone skin!

Over-drying your face
Sucking all the oil and moisture out of your face is a sure-fire way to irritate your skin! While you might think its a good idea to dry out oily skin with cleansers, soap, and alcohol-based toners and then to skimp on the moisturizer -- your skin is more complicated than that!
Drying out your skin will actually cause it to produce more oil. The skin naturally tries to correct itself, therefore if it feels dry it will try to balance the situation by producing more oil, continuing the vicious cycle.
Be gentle with your skin and keep it hydrated (but that doesn't mean greasy). Try using a cleanser made specifically for acne-prone skin, but follow it up with a hydrating toner and ALWAYS a light, oil-free moisturizer so your skin doesn't freak and up the oil ante.

Pressure (literally)
So what is pressure-induced acne exactly? it's exactly what it sounds like, acne caused by physical pressure on your face, or simply a hand resting on your face as you glare into the TV or computer screen. This pressure not only exposes your skin to loads of bacteria, but the actual force of this bacteria against your face can cause you to break out.
The solution: stop pressing bacteria-ridden objects against your skin, But if you really can't avoid it, at least be diligent about cleaning surfaces well and often to minimize bacteria.

**ALSO Avoid using towel wash cloths to remove your makeup all that rubbing and tugging can irritate the heck out of your skin and more push your makeup in your pores then taking it off! **P.S those one use toss away towels that yes, even Mary Kay has. I strongly don't recommend those Except when in a situation where its all you have like camping, right after a workout or the beach type thing. To clean dirt/sweat, but Not to use as a everyday cleaner or makeup remover.

Your laundry schedule
As if your dirty laundry isn't enough, it could also be causing your acne. Think about it: Your face lies on your pillowcase for hours at a time, and if it's not clean, you're basically rolling around in a bunch of dead skin cells and bacteria. As for that towel of yours? If it's not fresh from the dryer, you could be wiping germs all over your newly-cleansed skin.

Try to change your pillowcase two to three times a month and if possible using a fresh towel every other wash. Also, if you use fabric softeners made with tallow (aka animal fat -ew), they dont help. And definitely keep in mind that a lot of detergents and fabric softeners contain fragrance that can cause irritation as well. pay attention when ever trying somthing new.

Hair products
Think about how much your hair touches your face. And remember that unless you are washing your hair every night before bed, all that product is transferring onto your pillow. Hair products with oil, silicones, and plasticizers will clog your pores if they get onto your skin, so if you want to wear your hair down (or have fringe touching your forehead), try to steer clear of products with those ingredients.

Using dirty makeup applicators
Brushes, sponges, and other applicators you use to apply your non-comedogenic makeup. Your makeup tools are crawling with bacteria and dead skin cells, making them absolute zit factories. Remember to only use a makeup sponge once and clean your brushes with a brush cleanser or shampoo. This will keep them germ free and your skin clear.

Your diet
Weall hear that foods like chocolate and French fries are practically guaranteed to give you zits, but the good news (kinda) is that's not totally true
It's really an overall unhealthy diet that effects your skin. Having a high glycemic index, which is caused by frequently eating foods known to spike your blood sugar levels (like refined sugar, white bread, pastas, and fried foods), will mess with your body and can cause acne. So if you are eating these foods only on occasion, it's not likely the cause for your breakouts.
Also, some people, though they might not know it, have actual allergies to foods like chocolate, wheat, or dairy that cause them to break out. So if you notice your skin goes nuts after a bagel binge or cookie dough ice cream social, take a break from these foods and see what happens.

Being lazy with your routine
It can be tempting after a long day to just slide into bed without washing your face. But when you skip a cleansing and moisturizing, it can undo all the progress you've made with your skin. Its important to have a daily routine and to stick with it! no matter what's going on. Dont get frustrated with a current acne treatment routine, as it takes about a month to see improvement in your skin.
Every night you should be using a rinse-off cleanser, a hydrating toner or light moisturizer, and an acne treatment with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Use an extra spot treatment on current breakouts.

Sun dries out your skin and UV rays have an antibacterial element. But baking in the sun is not a sufficient way to clear up acne. And remember, over-drying your skin will cause it to produce more oil, not less.
Also, tanning causes your skin to increase cell production (which means more dead skin cells, the thing we are trying to avoid). So while you might get a bit clearer at first, tanning will end up giving you more breakouts -- not to mention an extra batch of wrinkles when you're older ;P


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